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Lee-o-netto – Family Memories

Oral history treasures show us other sides of research subjects difficult to reach through the sterile world of public documents.

There are two ladies still living who are descendants of Lee-o-netto’s sister, Carrie Horton. They have personal memories of Lee-o-netto. Randy has kindly shared these family remembrances with me concerning Lee-o-netto.

—  K’chi Wliwni  Nidobak —

Thank you my Friends

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Lee-O-Netto’s Housekeepers – Part 1

First I would like to apologize to my readers for my long absence.  It seems life and responsibility keep getting in the way of my research. I do have records to share, but recently have not been able to set aside the blocks of time needed for the background research and post writing. I am not giving up the blog, but it looks like this situation will continue until after the holidays. Posting will be erratic for a while longer so please, bear with me.

Today I am exploring Mrs. C. B. Mosman who filed a claim against Lee-o-netto’s estate stating she provided “work, labor, and services” to Dr. Lee for 26 years without pay. I need to investigate this woman and her family on the off chance someone is related to Lee-o-netto in some way.

Good research requires numerous side trips to explore all the people connected to our research subjects. I recently noticed some genealogy folks referring to this research technique as “cluster genealogy”. Now it has a fancy name, but I just think of it as common sense research. When you are looking for something – look everywhere it could possibly be!

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