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Hi, I have spent 20+ years researching & educating the public about the history and culture of the Wabanaki People of Northeastern North America. I am an avid genealogist and historian with deep roots in Maine, NH, MA. I am currently exploring the use of DNA to solve genealogy brick-walls.

We-no-na – Photo from Paris

Here is the second photo received from our secret admirer.
I hope my readers enjoy this photo as much as I do!
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U-ta-wa-un – Photo from Paris

Today I am sharing a most wonderful gift provided to Ne-Do-Ba by a secret admirer. This person contacted me after doing an internet search on the name U-ta-wa-un. He offered to provide me with a copy of a pair of photos from a larger collection of “Indian” photos and told me I could do with them as I pleased.
I was just blown away when the copies of the photos arrived in my e-mail box. I think my readers will enjoy them as much as I do. The second photo will appear in my next post.
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Indians in Paris (part 5)

Today’s post is nearly the last (until I learn something new ;-) in a short series providing data for the American Indian presence in Paris, France in the year 1867. There will be at least two more posts containing a wonderful surprise.
Today’s post will cover everything (well, most of the good stuff anyway) I found in Paris concerning the presence of Native Americans in Paris in 1867.
I found books, images, news clippings, and scholarly works online and free. This is just a sample of the better resources available. I am amazed at the number of online resources I have located. Ten years ago this same research would have been impossible for me to accomplish. The time and cost involved in travel, communication, and copying materials the old fashion way can quickly become prohibitive. In the current age, I sit in the comfort of my home with the world at my fingertips – literally. For historians (especially those with disabilities or limited finances), this is certainly the best of times.
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Indians in Paris (part 4)

Well, my vacation has lasted long enough. It is time to get back to business. Since I am waiting on the arrival of deeds from Chautauqua County, New York, I decided to finish up my Indians in Paris mini-series.
It has been many months since I last wrote on this subject so readers may want to review the earlier articles.


I have already shown my old friend U-ta-wa-un and his female companion are involved in the 1867 Paris Universal Exposition. Today I will cover the information I found involving their travel to Europe.
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Lee-o-netto – Family Memories

Oral history treasures show us other sides of research subjects difficult to reach through the sterile world of public documents.

There are two ladies still living who are descendants of Lee-o-netto’s sister, Carrie Horton. They have personal memories of Lee-o-netto. Randy has kindly shared these family remembrances with me concerning Lee-o-netto.

—  K’chi Wliwni  Nidobak —

Thank you my Friends

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The Historical Newell Family

Today I will take a break from my Kanistanaux project to post this brief case study of the Newell Family. I recently received inquires from two different directions about the family and a new item to work with. I thought this would be a good time to take a fresh look at the family.
I would like to thank my good friend Salmon for locating Item 1 and bringing it to my attention.

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Lee-o-netto – dating images

Today I am sharing photos of Lee-o-netto contributed by descendants. It is so wonderful to have these descendants showing an interest in their family history and so willing to share what they learn. We are learning from each other as we explore the Kanistanaux family from different perspectives.

I decided to educate myself a little in the art of dating old photos. The subject is simple in some ways and very complex in others. I decided not to try to teach my readers the process, but simply to share the highlights. I will include some links to sites I found useful.

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The Kanistanaux Homestead & Oral History

Today my post is about exploring some oral history concerning the Kanistanaux homestead in Stockton, Chautauqua Co., NY.

There is no breakthrough data here, but it is always worthwhile to explore the place where a research subject lived. It helps to understand the subject on a personal level and sometimes suggests other places to look for information.

I don’t plan to write blog posts for every single item I explore during this research project, but this one seems to lend itself well as a teaching tool. Working with oral history is a slippery slope, so I will be sharing some concerns and techniques. Continue reading

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Lee-o-netto’s Post Card

I was recently contacted by a descendant of Carrie (Kanistanaux) Horton, through Carrie’s daughter Mary. This descendant shared a scan of both sides of a post card with an image of Dr. Lee-o-netto on it. It appears to be a professional calling-card or business card of some sort.

I decided to try to learn more about this post card and share what I learned.

I found several good online resources that were very helpful.

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Lee-o-netto’s House in Allegany

Today I will be showing off the home of Dr. Lee-o-netto. I feel a little like a real estate salesman ;-)

I don’t anticipate this exercise will provide any real clues to Dr. Lee-o-netto’s parents, but with many research problems it can provide useful information. I encourage my readers to learn all you can about the locations your ancestors lived. If the building still stands, maybe there is treasure in a dark attic corner.

I like to take these little site-seeing excursions. They help me understand the environment the subject lived and worked within and in turn that helps me get to know my research subject as a person.

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